Weekend in Review

The weekend was a good one despite being busy. Saturday was a day spent at home cleaning in which I was able to get some things done that I have been wanting to do get done for a long time.   It feels really good.   Sunday, after visiting friends and family, we began a project that E received for Christmas. 

Homemade Root Beer

Sanitizing Bottles and Equipment

Waiting for the equipment to be sanitized

 I love E's smile in this picture (his daddy has a way of making him laugh)

 Adding the Root Beer ingredients 

Pouring Root Beer into the bottles

And now we wait! 

The kids had a great time making root beer, and we only had one spill, so over all it was a success!   

While tucking in the kids on Sunday night, I asked them what was the best part of their weekend, and after hearing their responses, I had to agree, visiting the new puppy was definitely the highlight.  

What a cutie he is! 


  1. How fun! How long before they can taste the root beer?

    1. It was fun! They put it in the refrigerator yesterday, so tonight they get to pop the top and taste one! E is excited to share a bottle with his uncle who gave him the gift for Christmas. :)