Change A Life

Photo by Nate Dietzman

This year's theme for Compassion Sunday is Change A Life. Change the life of a young person in poverty, and give them the chance to peruse their dreams.
This weekend we had Compassion Weekend at our church. I know these days are very important for the children still waiting for sponsors. Without someone sharing their stories and their needs, they remain hidden in a corner of the world, struggling with poverty, wondering if anyone cares. I am so excited and praising God for the 15 children who now have sponsors as a result of this weekend!  Change A Life. 

Little did I know when we began our partnership with Compassion four years ago how much my life would change as well. I still remember scanning each and every picture until "the right ones" were found, then anxiously awaiting the first letters to arrive.

Four years and seven Compassion children later, I am still in awe at how much these children whom I have come to know through letter and love so dearly are still changing my life. I see the diligence to learn and love no matter what the circumstances. I know they lift our family up in prayer and there are days I feel that prayer and know that it is their prayers that made the difference. Their stories and their lives help my children to expand their worldview from our home and our backyard, to the world.

Sunday morning I woke up a little down, feeling a case of the "end of vacation blahs" setting in.  As we headed into church to set up our table and get ready for the morning, the stories that I love to hear began before the service even started.  Connections being made, stories told, children receiving sponsors, as with other events, my heart is singing a song of thanksgiving to God.  This brings us to another way these children have changed my life. I never would have thought that giving up an evening or a morning to stand behind a table and help children would be something I would enjoy and yet, participating in these events encourages and energizes me.  

A changed life. Theirs and mine.