Fourth and Final?

Yesterday we woke up to our fourth snow day of the season. It certainly has been a year for snow days, more than in years past it seems. While waking up to a winter wonderland is beautiful and the idea of a day at home with no school exciting, I find myself hoping that this is the last big storm before spring comes and the gardens can finally wake from their long slumber.
The longing for spring does not put a damper on the day, however. We have made the most of it. Chores and "to do" lists were finished in record speed because the seven inch thick, white blanket was calling. Snow ball makers were rediscovered from last winter, the deck became a platform for snow dives and jumps, and the kids buried each other in snow. Pix even joined in the fun rather than sulking by the door preferring his warm window seat to observe the snow.

The push and pull of screen time, reading time, and chores was absent. In its place, laughter and excited barking filled the air as, all in agreement, we were where we needed to be. Enjoying the outdoors, filling our lungs with fresh air, and stretching getting out the cooped up feeling that comes at winter's end.


Adding to the Family

We knew it could happen when we took them on as correspondent sponsors. After four years perhaps I began to think it wouldn't happen to us. One of them is graduating next summer, but that is the natural way to lose them, right? We are already seeing it in her letters, the processing of the end of the relationship. She has told us that she is thankful for our support and love as she looks forward to college. I am so happy and excited for her, and yet, I know that we have a short time to have discussions about her friends or her love for the younger children she teaches Sunday school to.

I was unprepared when the call came informing me that his financial sponsors had ended their sponsorship and we could no longer correspond with him. My heart began to fill with sadness as I asked "Is there nothing we can do?" Our option, to begin financially sponsoring him ourselves. I asked the representative on the phone if I could talk to my husband, and how long we had to decide.

I love my husband for many reasons. He is a really great guy. One of those many reasons that I love him is his caring and compassionate heart. When I told him of the call and what our choice was, he looked me in the eye and said, "You told them of course, right?" (Isn't he great!) 

I couldn't bear to say good-bye to this young man that we have come to know and love over the past four years. The very first picture we received of him showed a young smiling boy giving a thumbs up. I imagine the spunk and personality this young man has.

I called Compassion as soon as I could the following Monday to add him to our account. One week later it is official, our Compassion family has grown by one!  Maybe a better way to say it is, our little family is saved from shrinking by another one.

God's timing is written all over this story, because had we received the call from Compassion even a few months ago, it would have been a much harder decision financially to sponsor him.  God knew that and his timing is good, and for that I am thankful.   As we pulled out of the garage to go to the  Tenth Avenue North concert,  I asked Mark "What if there is another child that needs a family tonight?" Little did I know it would not be one of the child packets on the table that night that would need us, rather one of our own who needed us most. God is so good.


Afternoon at the Ballet

An afternoon at a ballet is the perfect way to spend some quality mother/daughter time with some friends. We were able to see Alice in Wonderland. The young people dancing on the stage today were absolutely amazing. I was completely taken with their skills, not only in dancing, but also in their acting and telling a story. The costumes were beautiful from flowers to flamingos, caterpillars to the Cheshire Cat, and aces to Alice. The ages ranged from a toddler to high school and yet, the dancers blended well. Even Addy commented on how well the older and young dancers mixed.





Sixty. It is the biggest number we have seen. Forty-eight. The number of hours that have passed, and still my heart is flying high!

Friday night we were able to help at a Compassion International event where sixty children were fortunate enough to receive sponsors. Now, forty-eight hours later, I am still very excited for these children. No longer will they have to go without food, education, and medical assistance. No longer will their picture on a table, or their name be on a waiting list.

Now these children will receive news that they have been chosen to be sponsored. Hopefully, now they will be prayed for, loved, encouraged, and written to.

It was so wonderful to see the lines of people pressing in, trying to get closer to the table. People whose hearts had been touched, people who wanted to make a difference in the life of someone so young. And yet, I know that these children can make a difference in their sponsor's life too. This is why I continue to volunteer at these events. They are life changing for so many people.