A Connection Made

I feel a connection has been made.    With a simple letter, not any longer than the others, I have been given a glimpse into her life.   Three years later, to the date, I finally feel like we are breaking through the social conversation and getting to know each other.    She is our oldest "child" that we are connected to through Compassion, and I say "child" because in the three years we have been writing letters, she has become a young lady.   A young lady dedicated to her friends, her family, and her God.   The letter we receive tells me she has accepted Jesus as her Savior.   I am so excited that she has shared this information with me.   She is teaching children at the "project" and comments how she has had good moments at the project and how blessed she is because of it.    I can't help but feel the same.   Our lives are so much better because of Compassion International.   We are connected to seven really wonderful young people who are making a huge difference in our lives.

She has asked me questions before, some as basic as "How are you doing?" Once, shortly after the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, she asked me how I felt about them.    However, today she has not only asked me a question, but she has given me her answer to the question, which is what I find so exciting and what has made me feel a little more connected to this young woman.   She has asked me if I have read 1 and 2 Samuel, "because they are a great bless(ing)."  She then asks me what my favorite book of the Bible is.   I could not wait to respond to her questions and share information with her. 

My response:  A couple of years ago would have been the first four books of the New Testament because I love learning about Jesus' life and the people's lives he touched.   The love and grace he gives continue to amaze me beyond words.    However, last year, I spent some time reading through the Psalms in different translations of the Bible and that has become one of my favorite books of the Bible.   Reading through the prayers, both praises and laments, it has shown me a new way to pray.   A way that has significantly deepened my relationship with God.   Thus, it has become my favorite book of the Bible.

I am so excited to be sharing this information with her.   Information about us, that is beyond the "social conversation."    I look forward to future letters from her, curious to see if there will be more questions like this.

She is also an amazing artist.   I have, and continue to, encourage her in her artistic abilities.    I am closing with her pictures, which I think E and Addy enjoy more than the letters themselves!

The picture at the beginning of the post is of the gifts she has purchased with her Christmas money.   These pictures are also very important in the connection I feel with the children.  

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