Unconditional Love

We're on a journey, you and I.   Was it one I signed up for?  In a way, I suppose it was.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about this path.   No, it is not that at all. 

The journey began the moment I said "Yes."
How many years ago was that?

However, I think the real journey began when I asked for your help.   I remember all of the times we have sat together and talked.   Maybe I did more of the talking?  I still have a habit of that at times.   Sorry.   You are so patient, listening without complaint.    When I talk you never criticize or belittle me, rather you encourage, support, and love... I can always count on you for that.  Thank you.

I don't know why this one was different from any of the others.   We have spent many times such as this together, but for some reason this one is different.   What you did has not changed.  What was said has not changed.   Maybe it was me that changed?   Probably.

It was a time of reflection.
A time of remembrance.
A time of celebration.

Celebration of you... what you did, who you are.  

This morning as the house is quiet, I am reflecting on our time together this past week.   It was and is good.   We pushed out the distractions of the world and spent time together.   This time, you talked... I listened.

The topic, Love.   Of course I love.   Ask me if I love deeply, my answer is yes.   But when I look at your example, I am left in awe.   To love at the level that you love robs me of words and breath.   Knowing what you gave for me, in my weakness and imperfections, blows my mind.    I cannot fathom it.   I sit humbled, tears in my eyes and thanksgiving in my heart.

Then there was the story that has touched me to the core.  The story of Ron, Debbie, and Denver.   Another story about love.    Loving with no strings attached and no judgement.   Loving when it is not easy or convenient.  That kind of love sounds familiar.  I am still processing their story as it is newer to me than yours.  But I know their story happened because they had your example.

Can I love like that?   Can I look past the exterior, the behaviors, the words said, and see the heart?    Can I truly love with no strings attached and no judgements?

I know you are helping me with that.   That is part of this journey that we are on.   Because, I know that when I can truly love like that, people will see you and your glory.   And that is what I want most in my life.

As we journey together, I know that you are refining me.   Am I complaining?   No.   I know that because of this journey I am who I am.

Today, I am better than I was yesterday.
Tomorrow, I will be better than I am today.
And for that, I give you all of the glory.

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  1. this is a beautifully written post! simply. wow.

  2. Oh to write as eloquently as you! Well said.

    1. Thank you Cheri. (Sorry for the delay in my response to your comment.)