Opening Doors to the Future & Finding Memories

We are all curious as we park and walk up to the front doors.   For some of us, it is the first time passing through these doors, for others, it is not.   They have been here a couple of times before.  For me, these doors are not new, and I have pass through them more than just a couple of times.   Rather, these doors while opening up to the future for my son, open to the memories of my childhood.   My first days in a new city where I knew no one, and the couple of years before the adventure of high school.   For me, the curiosity is what has changed, and what has withstood the years remaining constant.  

Listening to the presentation about daily life in the life of a middle school student,  I am amazed at how much is the same and yet, how much has changed.   The attitudes, one word answers to questions, the awkwardness of changing bodies and hormones is still there, not unlike my experience.   The talk of hurt feelings from text messages and unkind facebook posts, adds a whole new dynamic that I never had to worry about in this building.   These years are hard, and I am afraid they will be even harder for my son.   He is a great kid, I know he will do great. 

Following the presentation, we are allowed to roam the halls, finding different rooms.  We are directed into the cafeteria, it hasn't changed.   However, I am anxious to walk the halls and explore. 

We walk past the band room, the memories are there behind the locked door, perhaps to be revisited at another time.   The rooms where I first learned about electricity and wood working have changed.  

Heading up the stairs, we pass the main office, and I remember the kind woman who helped me transition into the new school district as a seventh grader.   I will never forget her kindness and her hugs when I would sit in her office sure I would never make a friend.    I point out the science rooms where E too will study Earth Science.    Gone are the Home Ec rooms, now Pre-Algebra and Algebra classrooms.   

Upstairs we visit the different sixth grade rooms, and I see the room where we studied Greek Mythology.   Continuing down another hall, I find the door where for a year I was Heidi in German class, now and English classroom.   The library is new, and I love it.   It is bright, welcoming, and most importantly, my son is beyond words excited about it.   

Curious and excited to walk the halls tonight, the evening did not disappoint.   I celebrated the new changes and smiled at the memories.  Perhaps my son will walk these halls next year and begin making memories of his own in this building.  Whether or not that is where he ends up, I am so glad I had the opportunity to go back and remember my first days in this wonderful city I now call home. 

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