Man of the Year

Time Magazine named President Obama.

People Magazine claimed it is Channing Tatum (Their claim, he is the sexiest man alive right now.)

I am sure there are many choices and many votes cast for each of these men, and probably for good reasons.

However, I have to disagree with with both magazines, at least partially. There is one in my book that rates a little higher in both categories. This man goes above and beyond the call of duty for his role in life. If one were to ask him how high to jump, he would be in the air before asking how high. He puts others before himself every day. He is supportive and encouraging. He loves like no other can. He knows what is needed and is there before the question can even be asked.

It is probably no surprise to you who my choice for Man of the Year is. He has been my best friend for seventeen years now. He is my husband, and the father of our two wonderful children.

I was telling the kids this morning as we were all getting shoes on to head out the door that they were so lucky to have such a great dad for Man of the Year. I couldn't help but brag about how I was so fortunate to catch the Man of the Year as a life partner.

And he continues to prove why he deserves this title. On my break at work, I receive a text asking me on a date on March 23rd to a meet and greet with David Crowder! My husband is so amazing!! I am excited beyond words!

Last March I had the opportunity to meet one musician who has greatly touched my life. The concert with Shaun Groves was truly a gift, and something I will never forget. Just one year later I am going to a meet and greet with another musician who has had a huge impact in my life.

What a gift Mark has given me today.

 Time Magazine and People's Magazine, while I respect your choices, I have to disagree with you to some degree as in my opinion, the Man of the Year is living in my house, doing life with me day in and day out. He is my husband.


  1. So excited for you! It is evident of Mark's love for you & the kids. Blessed!

    1. Thanks Tiff! I am blessed, thank is for sure!

  2. He is one of the good ones....(blessed to say I've got one too.) Very cool about the concert/meet-n-greet!!

    1. Yes Kar, you do have a good one too! Who says there is only one man of the year right?? :)