The Cruise

For the tenth year in a row, the streets are blocked, people sitting on the curbs and in lawn chairs are waiting, music is playing, the anticipation builds.   A fire engine approaches, and it begins.   They keep coming one after another after another until the parking lot is full, the streets are lined, and they still come.  1450 riders for one cause.

The House that Love built, The Ronald McDonald House.   1450 riders riding to help the children and families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House.   It brings tears to my eyes to know that these riders have spent time to gather money, spend 140 miles on their bike today, all for the children who are sick with illnesses that at times can rob them of their right to a carefree childhood.

Our family looks forward to going each year to greet the riders as they come into town after a long day on the bikes.   Each year we talk about someday.   Someday we will buy a bike and ride in the ride...  I don't know if the someday will ever come that we will ride, but for now, we will greet the riders as they come in and cheer them on as they continue to do great things for young people and their families.

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