Really?? Already?

I had the same feeling last October when I walked through the doors of Hobby Lobby and saw their displays of Christmas decorations.   "Really??   Already?"   The exact same feelings returned on July 10th when perusing the ads in the Saturday paper.   "Really?? Already?"   The school supplies were in the weekly ads.   The kids had not been out of school a month yet, and already the retailers were pushing the school supplies. 

Not ready to even process the kids going back to school, we still have two months of summer left, I put the paper in the recycle and didn't want to think about it again.   However, my tactics did not work.   The supplies being in the paper, they are also in the stores.   The kids have seen them and they are wanting them.   For three weeks, I held back telling them no. 

They asked again today, so I tried a new tactic.   I bought the school supplies.   Everything on the lists is now purchased, labeled, and in their backpacks hanging on the hooks in anticipation of September.    Maybe now I don't have to hear about the school supplies for the last month of summer.

Not that I can blame them.  I remember the excitement of the notebooks that had not been written in.   The pencils with erasers perfectly shaped and unused.   I loved sorting through the supplies wondering what each notebook would contain in May and what the upcoming year would bring.   I totally get it.

As a parent, September is now a bitter-sweet time for me.   I love that the kids are excited and get to see their friends again.   Their minds will be challenged and they (and I) will learn new things throughout the year.   There is a routine that happens so everyone knows what to expect and when it will happen.    These are the blessings of September.

In September I miss the kids.   I really do love having them with me each and every day.   The schedule and routine of summer is much more laid back and we can take off for a day if we want, or have a pajama day just because, we don't have to wait for the snow storms.   I enjoy the absence of the spelling lists and math homework despite how good it is for the kids. 

September, the excitement of friends and new things. 
September, the time when the daylight is still long, but the summer is over. 

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