Today we worked on letters to our Compassion children. I try to write to all of the kids, we have two that we sponsor and 4 that we correspond with, twice a month. I don't always make the twice a month goal, but I figure if that is my focus, I tend to hit it more often than not.

Compassion stresses how important each letter is to the children. I have even heard it said that our letters are sometimes more important than the monthly sponsorship fee that we pay. People who have been able to visit their child say the most frequent question they get asked by other children at the centers is "Why doesn't my sponsor write to me?" I can imagine how it feels for them to receive a letter. The excitement over getting mail. I know how excited I get when there is something in mail for me besides a bill. I will admit, I am the first to run to the mailbox each day to see if a letter from Honduras, Indonesia, India, Kenya, or Mexico is in our mailbox. The kids have given up trying to beat me to it. I can imagine the disappointment a child must feel when week after week their name is not called because there are no letters for them. The same disappointment (probably magnified) I feel each day that I go to the mailbox and there are no envelopes that say "A Letter From Your Sponsored Child" on the outside.

So today, we sat down and worked on our letters for our Compassion children. I try to have the kids help on a somewhat regular basis. I don't make it a required once a month deal. This is a commitment that Mark and I have made, but I am glad that the kids are on board with it. They both grabbed some paper, pencils, and crayons and went to work creating artwork.

I love the thought they put into the pictures.

I love how they help each other out.

I love that it is something we can do together.

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