A Weekend Full of Joy

Monday morning after a very busy weekend.    Physically I feel it.    My brain is slow to get into gear, my eyes are tired and a little red.   My heart.....   it is soaring.   The busyness of the weekend has lifted me up spiritually and emotionally.

 We had a great response to our Compassion weekend, and the stories I have are not only from new sponsors, but also from the people who began sponsoring a year ago.   They came back to our table and gave me an update on how their children are doing!   I absolutely loved it!

Saturday night our pastor presented the Compassion table, holding up the packet of a birthday girl,   her birthday was Saturday.   What a great birthday gift to a child don't you think, to receive a sponsor?   As soon as the service was done, a church member (almost running) came to the table, "I want the birthday girl, has she been sponsored yet?"   The birthday girl has a sponsor on her birthday.

Sunday morning a little girl born on February 29, 2004 was sponsored because a grand baby had just been born a couple of weeks ago on February 29th.

A young man (high school age), after looking at the table for a long time, waited impatiently for his mother to come to the table because he had found "the one" he wanted to sponsor.   He kept apologizing for how long his mother was taking, merely minutes it probably felt like hours to him.   After the paperwork was filled out and the packet was in his hand, his mother asked him if he was ready for pizza.   "No, I am not that hungry, I can wait."   She quit packing up her belongings and looked at me and commented about how she never receives that answer from him.   Her son continued to look through the books of letters that we had brought as samples of correspondence commenting about how excited he was to write to his new friend.

My heart is rejoicing.

A few hours later, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet Shaun Groves and Micah his booking agent.  These two men are great people, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have met them.

The concert was amazing.   The music that has filled my car for many months was now filling our auditorium.   The stories shared from the stage are still being repeated by my children this morning, even though I was at the concert and they have told me them on the way home last night.

I don't think I can even begin to put into words the evening.   I am still processing it all!    Luckily, I don't have to put it all into words.   A friend's son caught some moments of the evening that I would love to share with you.

This couple walked into the doors of the church and sponsored the first child of the night.  The joy on their faces when the found a little girl born the year they were married (possibly the same month, I can't remember) was incredible.   Before the concert began they are learning about their new little girl and praying for her and her family.

These friends and fellow sponsors helped with the evening.  I am so grateful for their help and their hearts.   Both ladies added to their Compassion family last night as well!!

This couple raised their hands during the packet pass.  Coming to the table to fill out the information, they saw a child who had been waiting for longer than 11 months and instead chose him to end his wait for a sponsor.  

After her choice and her paperwork was filled out, she stopped by the Compassion table one last time before leaving the concert, with packet in hand and joy shining from her face, she mentioned how she has wanted to do this for a long time. 

These three young girls are looking over packets considering which peer to help.   Their choices made, it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Photo above by Karyn Hintermeister

 Photo by Merv Miller
 At the end of the night, my cheeks are sore from smiling, I am excited about the 24 children who were sponsored this weekend.   I am so grateful that Shaun came and shared his gift of music, speaking, and experience with us.  

Again, I am humbled and amazed to see God move and speak.   I am in awe at the open hearts and the joyful giving of our new sponsors.   The stories of sponsors continue to inspire me and show me that God is in control.  

I have people ask me, "How can you choose just one?"

The answer is,  I can't.   I have three that I sponsor and four more I correspond with.   I wish I could do more.   However, I can connect other people with children to sponsor.  I can continue to support and pray for the children that I have.   I can show the importance of giving to others to E and Addy.   And all of that combined, is making a difference.

I thank Nate Dietzman for helping me tell the story of my weekend.   All photos in this post, unless other wise noted, are to his credit.  Thank you Nate for your time and talents last night.

I didn't think the weekend could get any better than it was.    In a conversation with my mom this morning, I was recapping the night and telling her how excited I was about it.  She had been praying for this weekend for me as well.

Just before we ended our conversation, she quietly says, "I have two children too."   I am quiet.   She is quiet.   My cup of joy has just begun to over flow.    "I have two children too."  She says again.   My mom and dad have joined the Compassion Sponsor family as well!    And there is a story behind this one as well, but the surprise is for me.

A month ago, I mentioned to my mom about a little boy that was being promoted on an advocate's blog.   He was tugging at my heart, and I had been praying for him all day.   My mom asked for the link, which surprised me, but I sent it to her.   She considered it, but didn't know that he was the one.   For a month, she has been pondering and praying about being involved with Compassion.  Yesterday before I left for the concert, I received a phone call from her saying she had found two little children, but she didn't know if they were the ones, or which one she should pick.

The surprise for me is  that she didn't pick which one, she picked them both.   After a month of prayer, we have two new Compassion children to love in our family as well!

Welcome to the family Ruben from Mexico and Sarunrat from Thailand!! 

And the count is now 26 sponsored children this weekend!   26 children who have someone in their lives to love them and support them.

To all our new and existing sponsors, thank you!


  1. I was so excited to read this right away that I nearly forgot to go meet Cale's bus! Great stories, so awesome!

    1. I couldn't wait for you to read it! :)