Journaling: I've learned from life that...

"I've learned from life that..." 

A tweet from Relevant Magazine today said,

"Being angry for the things I've experienced 
would lessen the value of what 
God has taught me though them." 

This caught my attention because we are having conversations with our children about finding the good in life and focusing on that good.   Life will have its ups and downs, but it is what we choose to focus on that will determine if our life is a good one.  

I have spent some time with people who tend to focus on the negative in life.   Truthfully, it is draining.   After listening to them for an hour, I am exhausted and feel like I am carrying a huge weight.  It is not a way to build a good relationship by complaining all of the time, and do they really think that people want to hear how bad life is all of the time?   Granted, there are times and situations when something bad happens and we all need a friend or someone to listen and possibly offer advice or encourage.   I get that.   I am talking about the people who come up to you and back up the dump truck of their lives and dump it on you every time you see them.   That gets old and very quickly. 

Life is a journey.   As with any journey, there are hills and that are valleys.  The hills that lift us up the heavens are the times we laugh and enjoy the sun on our faces.   We love easily and life is good.   The valleys can be deep and long.   It is in these valleys that we learn faith, endurance, and commitment.   If we never had to go through the valleys, how would we know what faith looks like?   If we never have a struggle in our marriage or any friendship, how do we know what it looks like to stick together and work though it?   

I have learned from life that as wonderful as the peaks and the good times are, I also deeply value the valleys and tough times because in both spots I am learning and growing.   The hard times in life can be a blessing in our lives or they can be the burden, depending on how we choose to look at them. 

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