Mail From Around the World

This week has been a blessing in the amount of mail we have received!    Each day I kept telling myself that there would not be a letter because we had just received one, and each day I would open my box to see, yet another cream colored envelope! 

Here they are, all Five of them!  

Our first letter that came was from Selina in Kenya,   She wrote to us about the weather being sunny and the trees doing well there.   She mentions that she helps at home with household chores.   She asks how our weather is, and thanks us for the gift we sent.    With her letter she has included this beautiful drawing which is more ornate than she has sent before.   In the past the picture she has chosen to draw was always a house.   I love this picture!

The second letter came from Yenifer in Honduras.   She writes about her Christmas celebration and mentions that she did well in school, receiving an honor diploma and that she is moving to the third grade.  She thanks us for the gift of food, paper (note toilet paper), chicken, soap, and milk.  They were also able to buy two outfits for each person in the family and her new boots.   (I think she likes shoes, most gift money she receives, she buys new shoes with!)

With her letter she also includes a drawing.   I am amazed at how much she has grown and improved in her skills.  The drawing on the left is from the very first letter we received from her three years ago, the right, her most recent.

Our third letter came from Ronaldo in Indonesia.   He writes, "praise the Lord, because God always unites us through letter."  He thanks us for the Christmas presents, shoes, bag, church sandals (he is wearing these), and a bookshelf.  Ronaldo always asks that we pray for him in his studies.   I wonder what doors God is going to open for him.  This is the first candid picture I have of Ronaldo, I am so very excited to have it!

Our last two letters received came from Angel in Mexico.   In his first letter he tells us that he celebrated Christmas with his cousins and siblings, and that they are all fine even though his grandparents are sick.  "The good thing is that our teacher teaches us well and that's why I improved my grades..."   This makes me smile. 

His second letter thanks us for the Christmas gift in which he bought clothes.   He comments that he had hurt his eye because a soccer ball had hit it, but it is feeling better "now."  He tells more about his Christmas celebrations with a pinata filled with candy and fruit, they also had presents, candy, pizzas, and sodas. 

Yes, our week has been full.   I am so excited and so grateful for the letters, I couldn't wait to share them with you!

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