A Lesson From Pix

It is day twelve of her fifteen day visit.   He is slowly getting used to her being here all of the time.   When she comes for a short visit, he is excited beyond words, but when she is here to stay for a night and wants to sleep on "his" bed and wants to eat breakfast out of "his" bowls.... well, that is a little different story.   He becomes guarded and territorial. 

Before she came, I bought two bones, one for him, one for her.    Twelve days later, her bone looks like it has been enjoyed.  

His, barely touched.

As he watches her play and interact with the kids

He watches from the sidelines, protecting his "treasure"

To try and pull him into a playful mood last week, I took them both into the backyard to enjoy the weather and catch the ball.   Pix absolutely loves to play ball in the yard. 

He watched while she ran enjoying the warm weather to the fullest.

On Sunday, while we were outside as a family, the kids were running around throwing the ball and having a great time.   She, was right in the middle of it, having a great time, just as Pix would have been if it had not been for protecting his bone....

 Rather, he sits on the sideline and watches the fun.

As I watch Pix this week, I wonder how many times I am given something in life, a friend, a gift, a talent, and rather than being out enjoying the person, gift, or talent, I sit on the sidelines to afraid that someone will take my "treasure" away.    Not wanting to ruin the treasure or make it go away, or heaven forbid that someone else may enjoy it for a moment, I sit, with my chin on my treasure, wanting to join in the fun, yet at the same time, fearing that I will lose something if I let my guard down. 

God gives us "treasures" in life so that they can be enjoyed, celebrated, and shared.   May I remember this next time I want to sit on the sidelines protecting my treasure.

As a side note, the story above and the pictures are just brief moments in the week.   He has been able to let down and run along beside his sister, enjoying the warm weather as well.


  1. Very interesting how the protective nature comes out. The 3rd & 4th pictures...oh my, so cute!

    1. It has been interesting to watch, Jen. I have had fun taking pictures of the puppies this week. :)