Family Time

The weekend found me weary, worn, and exhausted.   I am not sure what it was about last week that left me absolutely drained, but by Friday there was nothing more I could give.    How fortunate I was that Mark sensed that and came home early from work to spend a little bit of time with me before the kids came home.   I know this is a gift, and one I do not take for granted. 

The weekend was intentional.  It was a family weekend.   My sister and her family came down for a visit which was very nice. 

Sunday found me dreading the start of a new week before I even got out of bed.   I woke up feeling the dread seep in.   After church, remembering my change of perspective I decided to do something about that.  We all slipped into pajamas and spent the day doing things we wanted to do, and spending time together.   I put my phone "away" in that I stayed off the social media sites and games that tend to take my free time.   Instead, I focused on my children and my husband.   We went for a walk, yes, in our pajamas, baked cookies, drew pictures, played wii (the first time all four of us have played a game together on the wii), and played in the back yard.   I also found time to read and to just sit on the deck.   The time was much needed. 

While Addy and I were drawing, E was working on his creation which I liked and wanted to share with you:

This morning, I laced up my running shoes for the first time in a month.   With no goal in mind, but to get out and get back in the groove of things, I ran the neighborhood.   As the muscles began to warm and the blood began to flow, my lungs filling quickly with fresh air, my body falls back into sync.   A beautiful morning for a run, my mind goes back to a year ago when I was running this route training for the half marathon.   Perhaps my mind goes there because I am missing running, a very weird thought for me.   Perhaps my mind goes there because there is a 10k run coming up, and I am wondering if I want to do that run.  Part of me says yes, part of me is shies away.  

Today is not the day to decide.   Rather, today is a day to get out and enjoy the warm breeze on my forehead and cheeks.   Today is a day to keep my eyes open and see nature waking up from its winter rest.....

... and I did. 


  1. Enjoyed this one. We're both busy ladies. Pausing to enjoy the world around us and the people in it is refreshing to the soul.

    1. It is refreshing, thank you for coming down for the day.