The Giving

Tonight was a night I hope to never forget.   It was an important night in a journey that we have been on as a family.  Earlier this year while reading the Compassion blog, I learned the impact that a family gift can have on the family of our sponsored children.   I was amazed, inspired, and wanted to offer that opportunity for the families that we sponsor children from.   Upon talking about it with our family, we set a goal and have for the past six months been reaching for that goal

Yesterday, we ran the last batch of cans to the recycle center.  As a family we counted the money that has been collecting in the jar over the past six months.  E was excited.   "Just think Mom, just think what we could do in a year!"   Having the same thoughts, I was so proud of him.  

The money from the jar taken to the bank, the money from savings moved over, we were all excited for tonight when we would send the money to Compassion.    After dinner, we gathered and prayed.   This gift that we are giving was not the original goal that I had set in my mind, but the amount we were giving came with some sacrifice on each of our parts.   I am so proud of the kids as they gave from their allowance.   They gave not only the part of their allowance designated for giving, but they pulled money out of their own spending money.   I cannot tell you how many weeks the kids would come up to me and ask if they could put more money into the jar.    Mark and I kept our commitment to our part of the goal even when the income coming in decreased.  Our prayer was a prayer of thanks to God for providing so that we could still give to these families.  The gift is ultimately from Him, we are just the tools he used in this situation.

The kids were able to send the money to the kids families via the Compassion website.  It was touching to see how seriously they were taking it.  

We talked about how fun it would be to be a fly on the wall when the families are told about the gift.  We decided there would be laughter and joy.   Would there be tears?   Would there be hugs?   Would there be silence due to the shock?   I hope most of all, they feel loved. 

I am amazed at how seriously E and Addy took this project.   I love their tender hearts and the way they were able to think about these families above and beyond themselves.  Again, I am grateful to Compassion International for giving our family a larger world view and for giving us the opportunity to touch another person's life in another corner of the world.  

I am sure the words here do not communicate the feelings and emotions I have inside of me tonight. 

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