Freedom from the restrictions that are part of everyday routine.   That is what we did, even if for just a few moments, this afternoon.  The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, it was great day for a walk.   Upon arriving at the school, the kids took off running across the field.  It is amazing to me the energy that children find when placed in an area with little to no boundaries.   Just when they were ready to go home because we had walked far enough, an open field encourages them to run, play, and laugh.   Pix, free from his leash, also had a burst of energy and was running full speed with the kids, barking while they laughed.   All three enjoying the sun and fresh air.  

Today we all took a bit of a break from the routine and structure of life, enjoying the day with each other and enjoying each other.   It was a much needed break after the past few weeks of starting the school year, starting a new job, and crushing deadlines with products that need to be delivered.   

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