A weekend away

This weekend we went to my sister's house for a birthday celebration.   I love being with my sister and her family.   Her home is so comfortable and welcoming.   Every time we visit her, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we feel welcome, when in all actuality, just having her and her family there is more than enough to make us want to come.   When stepping her home, there is a sense of calm throughout.   I find this completely amazing and wonderful considering a two year old resides there as well.   This is a calm that I relish and absorb as quickly as I can, letting it find it's way into my very inner soul so that when I return to the busy and hectic schedule that is my life, I am refreshed. 

This weekend we were celebrating my dad's and Addy's birthday.   With the completion of a fire pit, the celebration happened outside and s'mores were the birthday treat this year.   It was a fun and special evening.  

While the entire visit was a lot of fun, there is one part that is a highlight in my visit.   When we arrived on Saturday, the mail had just come.   Sitting in the mailbox was a child information packet from Compassion.    The little life that she and I had been praying about for a week and a half since she had signed up with Compassion was about to be met.   I could hardly wait for her to open the envelop so we could meet the little life that we would be praying for and that she would be communicating with.   What a cutie he is, a nine year old boy from India.   I am so excited to share this adventure with her as we share our letters and prayers together.  

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