The best part of my day

The time is quarter to four in the afternoon.    The house has been quiet all day.   Through the open windows, I hear my children coming home from school.   As I listen to them in the distance, I anticipate the tales of adventure that filled their days.  To my delight, the day has been good for them.    We sit together and talk about our days, and E begins to laugh at something said.  His laugh is contagious, one that you just can't help laughing along with.   When he laughs, his whole face lights up and his eyes sparkle.    This laugh is usually brought on by Addy's sense of humor, and they will both end up laughing together.  Today Addy and I can't help but join E in the laughter.   It is a moment we share together, and a moment I relish before I head downstairs to begin teaching.  Moments like these cannot be manufactured or forced, they just happen. 

This morning while struggling through some things, I prayed to God for a gift today, something in my day that would stand out as a gift from Him.   The precious moments I had with my children this afternoon was a gift, and they are a gift.   Thank you God. 

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