A Glimpse

For the past two days while we are getting ready for the day, Addy has sung a song to me while we are drying/styling her hair.  These are songs that only she knows, her own compositions.    Until this morning, I was not sure if these songs were for my ears to hear or if she thought the noise of the hair dryer made them private.   This morning when the hair do was complete, she asked me if I liked her song, to which I replied, yes.  

Yesterday's song was about how she loved her family and each person was named one by one.   This morning the song was about her love for God.   She has always had a tender heart towards God.   She loves to pray before the meals thanking God for everything.   She will begin her list of things that she is thankful for which has included our family, our Compassion friends, the eagles, the trees, the flowers, the earth, etc.   I am always intrigued as to what makes her list of things mentioned for the day.  She has talked to the crossing guard at school about the beautiful days that God has made.   I love that talking about God and her love for him is so easy for her.  

This morning before the song started she told me that she reads her bible every morning.  We talked about that for a few minutes and then the song began.    I cannot remember all of the lyrics to her song, but there are a few that touched me. 

I love my family. 
They are very special to me.
I love God.
I read my bible every day
and if everybody would read their bible every day like me,
they would have a seed in their hearts.
Because when you love God,
He plants a seed in your heart,
a seed in your heart that begins to grow.

I love the glimpses into her heart and into her thoughts at moments like these.   The honest and pure thoughts that are often crowded out in the busyness and excitement of a day come out.

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