A New Adventure

Tonight was E's first night of flag football.   He has been so excited waiting for this night.   Tonight was a night of drills to assess the skill levels of each of the kids.   It was fun for me to sit and watch E run and throw a ball and be on the field among peers.   He talks about playing football at school each day with his friends, now was my time to see him doing something he loves to do. 

The league is set up with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I like how the evening is set up.   The kids arrive at the field and begin the evening with a practice.   After a half hour of practice, they play a 45 minute game.   The evening ends with a 15 minute talk about having Christ centered thoughts about their lives when they are at school, on the field, and any other place in life.  

As tonight was a skill assessment night, we do not know which team E will be on, I know he is hoping to be on the Vikings, but ultimately he is just excited to be on the field.

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