Pix's Sister

We have the wonderful privilege of Pix's sister MaeBell staying with us for the week/weekend.   She came last night and Pix was so excited to get to see his sister, not that it has been that long.   They both got haircuts yesterday afternoon and saw each other.   But he loves MaeBell and he gets so excited when she comes to play.  

When I came home from a friend's house last night the puppies were still playing hard and had kept Mark and the kids busy.  So I played some ball with the puppies, one of their favorite activities and we brought out the bones.   By 11:00, all of us were tired, so we called it a night. 

This morning both puppies were up and ready to play, but the energy and urgency of the playing has decreased which is good news for the people in the house!  

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