A Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day at our house.   It just kind of worked out that way.   I had some work to do today and the kids spent most of their day listening to book on CD.

Harry Potter fever has hit our house again.   This time, it is the kids.  They listened to the entire first book yesterday, while completing the second book today.  When taking a break from listening to the books, there are different spells and charms being practiced and much talk about the "events" at Hogwarts.  I remember how captivated I was by these books as an adult, it is fun to see the stories through E and Addy's eyes.  

When I peek in on them while they are listening to the stories, I find them playing games.  Yesterday's game of choice was Mancala.   Today's game, Checkers.

I love how for the most part today the kids got along and they were enjoying each other.  Watching them spend time together and enjoying each others' company, bring so much joy as I pray they will grow up to be best friends. 

Tonight we made another batch of potato salad.   I think I have mentioned it before, but I love potato salad in the summer.   It is one of the first dishes I think of when the summer meal planning comes around.   The kids helped peel potatoes again, which always makes the process go faster. 

While the potatoes were cooking, we played Uno together.   First up was Uno Spin.

The concentration that is involved.

Hoping for a win.

Next, another version of Uno, "Uno Spit Out Cards"  also known as Uno Attack.

Addy and I came away as winners tonight, but I think we all had fun.

Cuddling on the couch reading bedtime stories was a perfect way to end our quiet day.

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