Spring Cleaning in July

My goal is to do a thorough cleaning every spring and ever fall.   Typically in spring it naturally happens because I am tired of being indoors and I love opening the house and "airing" it out after many months of breathing what feels like recycled air.   Something happened this spring however, and my spring cleaning did not happen until this past week. 

The past two days have been filled with cleaning and moving furniture.   I love to move furniture because it forces me to clean in places I don't normally clean when I am in a hurry.   It also gives me new things to look at without spending money, a trick I learned from my mom.  So, our family room and living room are now rearranged. 

Joining in the spirit, the kids wanted their rooms rearranged.   Very supportive of this idea,  it meant that dressers had to be cleared off, under beds mucked out, and the dreaded project of sorting through what is worth keeping and what is not. 

Unfortunately I didn't take before and after pictures of each room.   The kids loved sleeping in their "new" beds last night, and Pix, he is really liking the new arrangement as his job of family guardian is so much easier now that there is a couch in front of the window.   He doesn't have to balance on the arm of the couch to watch the street.   :) 



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