The tickets have been in hand since June.   It just seemed like it would be a fun thing to do.   Little did we know, that it would be just what we needed, just when we needed it. 

The schedule as of late has been intense.   There has been little time to connect.  Through the grace of God, we have managed to stay on the same page and be a unified front in the home, which is no small feat even on good days.

A good friend agreed to take E and Addy for the night so that we did not have the pressure of coming home right away, to which the kids were absolutely thrilled about.   Everyone in our house was excited for Thursday night.   The countdown was on as we all anticipated the evening.

We arrived at the venue just in time as the line began to form around the building.   The timing was perfect, any earlier, and I would have been really cold from the wind that was whipping through the downtown streets.   Any later, and the standing room only location, sold out that evening, would have given a listen only experience. 

We found our spot and settled in for the evening of music.  There were four acts in the evening, two of which I had heard.    The opening bands did not disappoint.   Actually I was quite impressed with each of them.   The lyrics were solid and the music great.

After two hours of standing, the headliner, the one I had come to see, was finally coming on stage.   I had seen this band two times before, and the expectations for the third time were high.   Finally David Crowder walked on stage.   The music began with keyboards and his voice.    Slowly the rest of the band came on stage and the night began.

I cannot tell you how much this man and his music have touched my life.   His lyrics put into words so many feelings and thoughts that I cannot voice.   The songs become expressions of love and prayers of my own.   The first time I saw the band in concert I was so moved and touched,  a night I will never forget.

Thursday night was amazing and everything I had hoped it would be.   Unfortunately, this is the last tour as the band is, from what I understand breaking up.   As they finished the encore last night, I was lifting prayers of thanksgiving for David Crowder and his Band.

If I could spend just a moment with David Crowder, I would tell him thank you.  Thank you for using your gift, thank you for your words, thank you for your music.   My life and relationship with God is so much deeper because of you.

A friend willing to take the kids, a great concert, and an evening away with Mark leaves me feeling rejuvenated.    Making it a weekend, he took Friday off so that we could have a three day weekend together.   Looking ahead at the schedule for the next few weeks, I am glad we have this weekend to stop, catch our breath, and exhale before we head back to fast lane of life.

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