A Special Visit

The eastern sky is just beginning to lighten on this Monday morning when my doorbell rings.   The much anticipated visitor has arrived, my kids still in pajamas, run to the door with shouts of glee.   As we open the door, there is my companion for the morning.   She runs through the door and into my arms wrapping her arms around my neck, my heart soars.  

Together, we walk the kids to school, I love how much they enjoy being together. 
Everyone is excited about the "adventure".   

Time to say good-bye, she can't understand why she isn't able to go to school with E and Addy.   

My living room has babies, cradles, and blankets in it because that is what she loves to play right now.   Some time with Dora and a snack, the morning has been fun.    I am so glad my sister called to see if I had time to play today. 

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