Be Still

The hectic pace of life continues.  I find myself facing a week of busy schedules and non-stop activity. 

This morning I read a post from Pete Wilson's blog that has spoke into my day.   As the day unfolds with many activities, it is easy to loose focus.   So in my few minutes between scheduled activities,

I sit.  And listen.  And observe.

A breeze causes the wind chime to sing a soft melody.

A mid-Summer flower is blooming defying the cooler nights with the threat of frost.

A bird is singing its God given song.

Colorful leaves fall to the ground, gently saying good-bye to the summer days.

A squirrel runs by on a mission.

The sun, warm for an October day, is shining in the brilliant blue sky.

A mini-van pulls up to the park, children run with laughter.

I pull myself up from my perch on the deck as duty calls.   Although the time marches on and the schedule cannot wait, I am grateful for the moments I had to sit and observe His creation.   I will cling to these moments in anticipation of more, because these are the moments that bring peace and stability to my day. 

Thank you Pete for the reminder to be still.  

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