She is Growing Up

A letter from Honduras came yesterday, and with it a photo.  In the photo, a smile is on her face, and my heart is full of joy.   Studying the picture,  I take in every detail as I have never seen her in person, I know her through letters.   The pictures are a treasure because they are few. 

She has grown. 

Last year with her birthday gift she bought a baby doll and an umbrella.   This year, shoes and a new shirt.  The shoes are not practical everyday shoes like tennis shoes, rather they are shoes that one buys for a special occasion or when dressing up.   I am so pleased.   I am so excited when the birthday money we send is spent on items the kids want.  


  1. Just need to tell you that the passion and love that you share here for your compassion kids inspired me to do something I have never done before. Promptly after reading a note to us that arrived last week from our girl in Haiti, I sat and wrote her a reply right then. It was so easy and I have no idea why I have never done it before. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Kar,

    I cheered out loud when I read your comment! :) I love to hear of letters exchanged!