The Answer is Yes

It is Thursday, and yet Monday seems more than four days ago, more like four weeks ago.   The days have been long, they have been intense, and I have been challenged and stretched in ways that have me almost to breaking point.   Collapsing into bed each night, I hope and pray that the next day will be better.

I have not had much time to even open the cover this week, on my nightstand sits a book about the pursuit of happiness.  I want to pick it up and absorb the secret that maybe inside that will take me to the place of ultimate happiness, knowing that it does not exist. 

Today, I am reminded, happiness is a choice.   I can choose to be happy and look at the positive in my life, or I can choose to wallow in the trials and struggles and ignore everything else God has put into my life.   I cannot control the responses of other people or some situations, but I can control my reaction and response to others.  

Despite the intense week, if you ask me today, "Are you happy?"

My answer is most assuredly, "Yes."   

Yes, because I have a wonderful husband.
Yes, because I have two beautiful children.

Yes, because we have jobs.  

Yes, because I have friends. 

Yes, because I am loved by an awesome God.

Yes, I am happy because He provides beyond measure. 

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