Our Compassion Family

Today is the three year anniversary of two children joining our Compassion family.   As I mentioned this to Mark, he was asking me when each child we have was added to our family.   Listing off the dates to him, I explained the following:

2009, we began sponsoring 2 in February, added three more in 2009 (one of our children moved away in 2009),
2010, three more added (one of which was my sister's sponsored child who moved out of the program after just a couple of months),
2011 added another making the grand total (after the additions and subtractions) 7.  

After a short, pause, I quickly say, we haven't added anyone to our family in 2012 (wink, wink), to which he replies, "it is still early in the year."   No wonder I love this guy!!!

But then I got to thinking, that we did add two to our Compassion family this year in a way.   I have yet to introduce you to the children that my mom sponsors.    These two adorable children are the newest members of our Compassion family added in 2012.

Ruben from Mexico 
turning 6 in July

Saranrut from Thailand 
age 5

We are anxiously awaiting their first letters!!!


  1. I love reading about your children and I can see your passion for all of them. What a blessing you are to them and to me! Thank you for sharing your heart with them and others!

    1. Tiff, thank you for your very kind comment. It amazes me how much I love these young people considering we are connected through letters and have never met in person. I guess is just goes to show how amazing love is because of the way it grows. :)