They Continue to Grow

I am catching up on my Compassion blogging and I apologize.   The past month has been a crazy hectic schedule that did not allow time for me to share these with you.   However, receiving the letters and pictures in the mail has helped in the craziness we are now calling life.   I think this post will have you all caught up concerning Compassion news. 

We received updated photos of two of our Compassion Children.   Although looking at these pictures, I think I am now going to be calling many of our loved ones around the world as young people because they seem, as most children do, to be growing up! 

Our sponsored young person Ronaldo, who is now twelve and a half years old:

And a correspondent young person, Vivek, who is now fourteen and a half:

The pictures on the left are the first ones we received of each of them, the ones on the right, the updated photos received this month.


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    1. Michelle, thanks for stopping by today! Yes they are growing up, and I love looking at the pictures side by side to see that. :)