Fourth and Final?

Yesterday we woke up to our fourth snow day of the season. It certainly has been a year for snow days, more than in years past it seems. While waking up to a winter wonderland is beautiful and the idea of a day at home with no school exciting, I find myself hoping that this is the last big storm before spring comes and the gardens can finally wake from their long slumber.
The longing for spring does not put a damper on the day, however. We have made the most of it. Chores and "to do" lists were finished in record speed because the seven inch thick, white blanket was calling. Snow ball makers were rediscovered from last winter, the deck became a platform for snow dives and jumps, and the kids buried each other in snow. Pix even joined in the fun rather than sulking by the door preferring his warm window seat to observe the snow.

The push and pull of screen time, reading time, and chores was absent. In its place, laughter and excited barking filled the air as, all in agreement, we were where we needed to be. Enjoying the outdoors, filling our lungs with fresh air, and stretching getting out the cooped up feeling that comes at winter's end.

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  1. Guess we aren't done with the snow :( I love hearing school cancellation in the morning ... it makes me happy for the kids (even if I don't like the snow)