Thoughts from Thursday: On Color

This week I finished the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  It is a wonderful story about a zookeeper's son who is lost at sea for seven months with the company of a 450 Bengal Tiger in his lifeboat.   The journey that Pi goes on is one that I cannot imagine living through.  

Before leaving India with his family, Pi explores three different religions.   Born Hindu, he finds himself in a conversation with a Catholic priest and at another point with an Islamic baker.  These conversations impact Pi at great levels and have much influence in his life.  At the end of the book the following question is posed, which I have been processing this week.  

"Among Yann Martel's gifts is a rich descriptive palette.  Regarding religion, he observes the green elements that represent Islam and the orange tones of Hinduism.  What color would Christianity be, according to Pi's perspective?"    (Life of Pi, page 325)

Photo by Billy Alexander

What are your thoughts about the color of Christianity?  

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