Comforts of Life

This weekend has been full.  Full of the comforts of life.   We are relishing the down time that the new year has brought to our weekends.    We spent yesterday playing games with the kids, relaxing, reading, and visiting with friends and family.   

We also received our first letter of the new year from our Compassion children.   Angel wrote to thank us for his birthday gift, and also to let us know that his father is well, but that his mother is sick and needing prayer. 

Today's comforts include coming home from church to have a pajama day while baking bread.  

I received new bread pans from my sister for Christmas.  This was my first chance to use them.   The result....  picture perfect loaves!    


  1. Those are gorgeous! I am so envious of people who make bread! I have neither the patience nor tolerance of the mess of flour to ever be a bread maker...

    1. Thanks! Even, before GF days, I loved to bake bread. :) But I understand the mess of flours, you should see my counters by the time I am putting the bread in the pans!