Words (3) Wednesday: Totter

As you probably know, going to the mailbox each day and looking in to see if there are any cream colored envelopes is something that I look forward to each day.   I absolutely LOVE to hear from our children around the world and see what they are up to or what they decided to write to us about.  Unfortunately, there have not been any letters for about a month, but as I look through my book, we did receive ten in December!  

Now, however, I am even more compelled to watch for the mail carrier to come to our mailbox, because I am waiting and watching for news concerning the children that live under our roof.   The past few weeks they have been completing some testing and additional assignments at school in preparation for next year's classes.    The results should be in our mailbox anytime now.

These extra assignments and tests will help us to determine the classes needed in order to keep them stimulated and challenged above and beyond the classroom curriculum.    This is new territory for Mark and I, and we have been on a huge learning curve.   Luckily, we have had wonderful support from friends and advisers at the school.  

But that is not the end of the wait and the wondering, we are waiting to see where E is going to attend school next year.   We have the opportunity to send him to a school that I think will be a wonderful fit for him to learn and excel, but to get in, the application has to go through the lottery process.   Talk about my sitting on pins and needles waiting!   That letter will come in February, so I know that the waiting process at the mailbox will continue for awhile longer.  

I can hardly believe we are getting ready for middle school next year!   I think of middle school and I remember how hard it was for me, it was such an awkward time in my life.   We moved when I was in seventh grade, which made things a little more difficult, but I think that either way, it would have been what it was and what I hear that it is from a few other people, difficult years. 

Obviously this will be our first go at being parents of a middle school student, and I hope that as we totter our way through the unknowns, that we can make it through it without too much damage.   I hope that I can remember to look back at my time in middle school and remember what it is like to be in the middle of it all, and be sympathetic, supporting, loving, and just be present in his life.

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  1. Ah, middle school...so tough, but so great with parents like you and Mark :) your "tottering" is waltzing, my friend.

    1. And great parents need wonderful friends for support which we have in you guys! :)