With Potential

As he walks out of his room, rubbing his eyes, I am positive he has grown another inch over night.   When he hugs me good morning, I notice that he now stands to my shoulder, how can that be?   I look at him and remember the first time we looked each other in the eyes just moments upon his entering the world.  

And now those eyes, still deep chocolate brown, look on with excitement and curiosity, as he watches the video cameras in action.   "Look Mom, see that!"   He cannot take his eyes off the camera.  His first time at a live filming event, and he is taking it all in. 

His passion these past months has been video making and editing.   He is working with the tools that we have, nothing special or expensive and doing a great job.   But this, this event, this place has everything that he has been reading about, dreaming about, and talking about.   

Perhaps I have a future film maker growing up next to me, perhaps this is a passing phase, either way, today as I was able to sit next to him and observe, I can't help but notice the young man that he is becoming.   He is a young man with a lot of potential, and I am lucky enough to watch him discover that potential. 

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