Words, Words, Words Wednesday: Manifest

Manifested Love

The setting sun coloring the sky brilliant colors
The night sky filled with the glitter of the stars
The peace of freshly fallen snow
The cleansing rain
The green plants beginning to come through the soil after the long winter
The reds, oranges, and yellow of autumn leaves against the bold blue sky

The encouraging smile when it is needed most
The embrace of a hug
The children's laughter ringing through the house
The note just to say "Hi."
The one who listens
The understanding of another

The way my hand fits so perfectly into his
The way we compliment each other

The connecting with another person on a deeper level
The bright eyes of a new discovery
The gift of life

Creator God of everything ruling above all, yet you love me in my imperfection and invite me into your throne room to spend eternity with you.    Of this I am sure, there is no greater love shown. 

Today I am linking up with Julie for Words, Words, Words Wednesday.  Today's word, Manifest. 

Rules of the game:
1. Talk about Words(3) Wednesday – connotations of the everyday
2. Write your post about the Wednesday word and then link to Words(3) Wednesday and use the thumbnail within your post. The post does not need to define the word, but can. It merely needs to use the word in the context in which it expresses where you are today in relation to that word - it is writing either with the word as theme or use the word as inspiration within a poem, short story, poem, etc.
3. Read and comment on the other posters to words(3) Wednesday and give them some positive, Wednesday vibe – because that is what we all need on a Wednesday.
Are you ready?

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