Words (3) : Perseverate

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 Perseverate: V: to repeat something insistently or redundantly

 As if swimming upstream, I struggle out of the deep sleep that I am in when the alarm sounds this morning.  The bed is warm and we are snuggled in under the blankets.   Tempted to hit the snooze,  I roll out of bed and stumble around pulling things together in a stupor, wondering if it is really worth heading out on this dark morning so very early.

The place is brightly lit, but it does not help to pull me out of the fog that I find myself in this morning.  Lacing up my tennis shoes, I am desperately trying to clear my head and find some semblance of focus in order to make getting out of bed worth it.   Stepping onto the machine, I exhale deeply and begin pushing the pedals round and round and round.   Tell me again, why I am here?   I continue to push, continue the motions, forcing myself to move.   Seconds seem like hours and yet, the time has just begun.    Why am I here again?  Today is not going to be easy, I can already tell. 

Clinging desperately to the motivation that was in abundance yesterday, I finish the morning routine.  A sense of accomplishment settles in.   Accomplishment, the reward that now gets me through the easy days and especially the hard days.  As the muscles warm, the heart begins to accelerate,  and the lungs begin to demand for more oxygen, I am making a choice to invest in myself.  This is why I perseverate coming to the gym.   I am now ready to begin my day, giving focus to the matters at hand, with a little more self confidence because I have already accomplished something that is good. 

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