Words (3) Wednesday: Unhinged

It was a battle of wills
tears of frustration come from both sides.
Summoning all my strength
boundaries had to be drawn.
The first of many to come,
I kneel, praying for wisdom.

Guide me as a mother,
yours first, mine for a short time.
Help me to shape and mold
not break and crush.

Seven months,
the gates are opened.
the joy comes rushing in.
"Look, Mom!"
A new level achieved.

Brightness is back in the eyes,
and the flamboyant personality returns.
Arms embrace me,
I lift a prayer of thanks.
Music, as it should be,
is once again enjoyed. 

I am linking up with Julie for Words (3) Wednesday.   Be sure to check out her beautiful way with words.  Today's word: Unhinged.