Wacky Hair Day

Today is Wacky Hair Day at school.     

Before wacky hair day was over last year, they both had plans to make this year bigger and better.  With a lot of time planning for the day, they wake up early in the morning ready to get wacky.    The more the hair is gelled, colored, or sticking up, the better.  

E gels his hair and contemplates color, after much consideration, he has thought through no color, one color, two colors, three colors, and settles on two colors.  Quickly spraying his hair (and hoping I don't color the bathroom at the same time,) he is happy with the results.   He decides to forgo the hat this morning as he rushes out the door for his before school meeting.  

While working on Addy's hair, she looks in the mirror and wonders if she will have the most wacky hair in the class.   When she thinks no one is around to listen, she is singing about how wacky and cool her hair is.  She is riding high on the ability to be outside the box of getting ready for school.   I love this and hope that she is able to remain carefree for many more years.  

I enjoy their excitement about wacky hair day.   Growing up, I never wanted to be wacky or stand out, it is not who I am.   My equivalent of wacky would be to wear socks that don't match, which were in my shoes all day so no one could see them, something my children do on a daily basis because they enjoy mixing things up.  That for me was wacky.   I was afraid to be different, to stand out, to do something that others may laugh at.  

Today I am celebrating wacky-ness of my children because I was never able to let go and be wacky as a child.


  1. I understand the not wanting to be wacky, to not be different, to not stand out, to not be the center of attention. I am still that introverted, shy child I grew up as.

    I think their hair looks great!


    1. Thanks Andrea! I find myself trying to stretch myself, to allow myself to be a little more carefree so to speak, not sure I am making any progress, but I guess at least I am trying. :)