A Night Out

Being sick over the weekend leaves my energy reserves a little low.   It was so tempting, after the day of work, to want to put on pajamas and cuddle in on the couch with a book.  However, we had put it on the calendar, so I slipped into a nice outfit and head out for an evening with him.   Instead of our usual places to grab something to eat, we try something a little different. 

We sit across from each other with nothing to distract us, nothing between us but the small table.   We are not here because of disaster control or to fix anything, rather here to just be together.   We don't have anything that needs to be discussed which feels good.   Too often, we let the busyness of life get in the way of time together.  Now, we have time.  Time to sit, talk, and share.   We discuss the events of our day, the books we are reading, and the people we have talked to that day.     

Dinner is finished and I can't help but smile.   I am deeply content.   I want to linger at the table longer, not wanting the time to end.  While I know that evenings like these won't become a routine event in our schedule, I am looking forward to the next time the opportunity presents itself.   In the meantime, I am grateful for the night that we had, because nights like these cannot be made, they just happen.  

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