Thoughts on Thursday: Expanding

I have a funny quirk.   When I am in a restaurant or in a position where I am handing payment over for food and beverage that is prepared for me, I have the feeling that I HAVE to like the food or drink.   I don't want to pay for something and not like it.   So, I quickly find myself in a rut. 

Case in point, in the beginning of last year, I found myself drinking my first cup of coffee.  Before that, if I ever entered a coffee shop, I drank Chai Tea Lattes.   Nothing else.   Now, it is a skinny, sugar-free vanilla latte.   For a year now, that has been my drink.   I want to try something new, but don't know where to start!   Care to help me expand my palate?  I am curious what is your drink of choice?


  1. I am a fairly new coffee drinker too....at caribou - I order a skinny vanilla "zebra" mocha (I learned a "zebra" is a mix of white and dark chocolate) A vanilla white chocolate mocha was too sweet, and vanilla dark is too rich. A blend of the two is just right!

    I generally don't go with sugar free stuff cuz I avoid artificial sweeteners,
    but I figure a coffee is a calorie splurge for me anyway so I can go all out w/ full flavored stuff and just cut some fat with the skim milk.

    Let's do coffee sometime!

    1. Kar, Sounds tasty, I will have to try it. :) And yes, Let's do coffee sometime, I would love it!