Not Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday..... not for me today.   I have had too many days of few words, today they are bubbling out!  

Last night was a turning point for me and, I am on the mend.   I am feeling much better today.  I have been able to read today which is HUGE for me because my eyes have not been able to focus for too long on detailed information.   

Since I have two more days of being home, doctor's orders, I am also hand writing a letter to each of our Compassion Children!  Hey, I have no where else I have to be right!?!  I normally use the online writing tool and send pictures that way, but today, they are getting a hand written letter along with calendar pages from last year's calendars that have inspirational quotes on them.  

The other really fun part of my day is that Mark bought me a journal and it arrived today!   Last week before I got sick, I found out exactly why my word for the year is Embrace.  I don't think that the reason for this word could be any more loud and clear than what I found out last Tuesday.   And while I can't put all of the details out on the blog right now for many reasons, Mark wanted me to have a way to journal some of the thoughts and feels as we move through this year.   Here it is.... my new journal....

I can't wait to fill it with words!  But today, I am just enjoying the newness of it, the blank pages, and the unbroken binding. 

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