She is Growing Up

This month marks our three year anniversary with Compassion.    Three years ago this month, we logged onto the website, found two children that were close to our children's ages, and began writing letters and building relationships.    We chose to sponsor a little boy just a couple months older than E.  Unfortunately, he left the Compassion program just two months after we began sponsoring him.   We also chose to sponsor a young girl, a few months older than Addy. 

This is the picture of Yenifer taken when she was five years old.  Little did I know when we chose her, how dear to us she would become. 

Two years later, when she was almost seven, we received this picture.

By this time, we learned that she has a new baby brother.   Her letters, written by her mother, are full of love and always end with "Lots of hugs and kisses."   When we send her money for gifts, she buys baby dolls and umbrellas.  

To my delight, when I opened my e-mail today, this picture was waiting for me. 

Now she is eight and a half years old.   I can't help but notice what a pretty young lady she is becoming.   When we send her money for gifts, she buys new dresses and shoes.  We now know that her mother is looking for work because her parents have separated and she is now living with her grandmother.   My heart breaks for her as each letter comes and she says that her parents are not together yet.  

Three years, she has been apart of our lives.  Through letters, prayers, and pictures, we have shared parts of our lives, our dreams, and our struggles.  She continues to ask us to come and visit her, and my heart longs to be with her as well.   We continue to pray for the opportunity to visit her.   


  1. She is beautiful and looks so grown up! How did you get an email with the new photo?

    1. Thanks Jen! I was on my Compassion account and noticed they had updated her picture. I called Compassion and asked if the updated pictures were on their way, and was told that they would be here within a month, but that they could email me a copy if I would like. Of course my answer was yes! :)

  2. Cool. I was asking to make sure there wasn't an email option I didn't know about! :)