Journey with Friends

Because he knows I love to plan events, he let me plan his party.   I would ask his opinion or what he wanted, and in all reality, he didn't have a lot of requests.   Just a few. 

1.  No black.  (We will save that for a couple of years!)
2.  His age was not to be on the cake.  (OK, we are doing cupcakes anyway!)
3.  Don't go overboard on decorations.   (Um, OK, define overboard)

By the time the event came, I think we were both feeling good about the decorations.   We did end up having balloons because Addy insisted that for a party, balloons were a MUST. 

There is one thing, though, that even thought I tried to sneak it in, I think it was bordered on "too much" much decorations.....


I like the festive flair the confetti adds to the tables.  His concern, cleaning it up for the entire week after the event. 

I did my best to keep it all confined and keep it on tables, carefully wrapping up the tablecloths at the end of the night.  

However, today, as I was sitting down to put my shoes on for the day, I noticed something shining on the carpet.  I knew instantly what it was, and it brought a smile to my day.  It took me back to the night that our home was full of family, full of friends, full of laughter and conversation.   A night that even though we were celebrating him, I was able to sit around a table with some very dear friends enjoying an evening together. 

Like the confetti, a spot shining in the middle of my family room, these ladies have brought so much into my life and in their own ways, have each brought something special into my week, just because of who they are. 

We travel through life and sometimes, we are fortunate enough to bump into someone who wants to journey with us.  Because of these women, I am learning, growing, and truthfully, having a great time in life right now.

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