Shaun Groves in Concert

Shaun Groves, is coming!   I can hardly believe it!   When the plans first were being made, it seemed like it would be forever before I would be able to share the new, but here we are, just weeks away, and now I can tell you, Shaun is coming!   

The plans were made last fall when I wrote this post about faith.   After talking with our pastors about asking Shaun to come and talk on behalf of Compassion, I wondered if it would, if it could, really happen.  The joy that filled my heart when the date was reserved for Shaun cannot be explained! 

We have done Compassion Sundays at our church for a couple of years now, and the people of the church have stepped up in a big way in sponsoring children.   When it came to thinking about Compassion Sunday this year, I wanted people to hear about Compassion from someone who has been with the children that Compassion works with.   Someone who has traveled to these countries and seen first hand what the impact of a sponsor does.    While I am still waiting for my opportunity to do this,  I thought of Shaun and the information and experience he could share.   

Now, in just three weeks, Shaun is coming to our church to share about Compassion and we will have another opportunity for people to sponsor children.  I would love to see you there if you are in the area, either call the phone number on the image or leave me a comment and I will get tickets to you. 

If you are unable to make the concert but would like to see some of Shaun's travels, check out his site.  There you can easily find blog posts about his visits to different countries where Compassion works.  

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