Monday Morning

The holiday weekend was great.   With five days off, we had a lot of time together as a family.  We avoided the stores after Thanksgiving Day, as I am not about to get out in the crowds and try to get the deals, that is not really my thing.   Rather, we spent the weekend visiting extended family, watching movies, pajama days, and decorating for Christmas. 

As I sit in our quiet house this morning, the routine of life has begun again, and my mind is clear.   Because I am a planner by nature, I look ahead at the upcoming month, and I do not feel the stress and anxiety that seemed to crowd in during the middle of November.    Close to breaking point, something needed to give.   Thankfully, a day off with Mark closely followed by Thanksgiving weekend, I am feeling like things are right again.   The schedule is still busy, but I am better rested and better prepared for it now.   

My hope and goal for the next month is to be able to get through the next month with the same clarity and peace that I feel this morning.   I do not want to get wrapped up in the busyness and hype of the holiday without remembering the reason that we celebrate this season.   I set up a month long reading plan for December about the biblical roots of classic Christmas songs.    If you would like to join me, check it out here.   If this one does not interest you, there are other reading plans that you might find interesting as well.  

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you find many blessings in your day. 

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