Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

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Unexpected.   Out of the ordinary.   A gift from heaven.   

God has so richly blessed my life with the unexpected.   A husband that loves unconditionally.   Unexpected.   Children that accept and forgive me for who I am, even when I make mistakes and they bear the brunt end of it.   Unexpected.    Friends who are like family, that we met when our lives would not normally cross paths. Unexpected.   A peace that sinks deep into my soul in the middle of a stressful week.  Unexpected.   

A beautiful sunset, the colors of autumn leaves, the excitement of children over the first snowflakes, an embrace, an "I love you", a note from a friend saying, "You are making a difference."  Unexpected. 

He continually provides, and while I know this is what He does.   It is unexpected. 


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