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Remember when we said "I do."   Standing in front of our friends and family, we had no idea what we would happen in our lives.   

 Remember the birth of our children, and how you didn't leave my side for a moment during labor and delivery?    

Remember the times where we sat and talked long into the night and cried because of the difficult situations that we were going thought, the times that I wondered what the next day would look like?  

Remember when I was struggling and didn't think I could make it one more step, you were there encouraging me, telling me I could do it? 

Remember the times you would come home tired from work and ready for some down time, but you spent time helping the kids with their projects and talking to them about their day? 

I remember each of these moments, the joys and the sorrows, and what I remember about each of them is that we did them together.  

I am who I am today because you have been by my side for over twelve years, and I am so thankful that we do life together everyday.   What a gift you are in my life and I thank God for you every day.

I don't know what our future will hold, but I do know that we will do it together. 

I love you. 


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