Letters from Around the World

I was in the garage cleaning out my car when the mail carrier walked up with my stack of mail.   Before he was even half way up the driveway, I was already scanning the mail in his hands to see if there was a cream colored envelope, and guess what!  There was!! 

We received a letter from Angel in Mexico.   He is the one that in his last letter to me was asking about the rainy season here and telling us that he had to take care of himself as to not get sick.   Today's letter was full of more details about his life, and I love it! 

We learned that he was promoted to 8th grade, his favorite subject is Spanish and that his teacher is "really cool".  (I love it!)   He tells us he is participating in a parade with flags and that he likes to do that.  He also shares which days he has PE and what sports he is playing and that one of the teams he supports is named "America". 

I am so excited to finally be getting some more details about his life and what he is doing and what he is interested in. 

Late last week we received a letter from Mary Grace in the Philippines which, as always, was so much fun to read.   She thanked us for the journal, stickers, and poem that we sent.  She was glad to hear that E and Addy are doing well in school and their "performance in their studies."   

Her letters are fun for us in the fact that she is one of the only ones who really references the letters that I send to her.   If I ask her a question, she will respond to those questions.    Being she is our most recent addition, we are getting to know her a little more quickly because of it.   

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